Alwin Krebs has always been fighting for others. From his time as an editor of the Ole Miss. newspaper to writing as an obit writer for the New York Times, he always believed in the rights of minorities. This often got him in trouble. He had bones broken and been burned. This never stopped him. His greatest struggle has always been the one with himself. Can he come to terms with the man he is without being destroyed by society and the ones he loves? The Obit Writer is a journey through a man's life and the courage it takes to say enough is enough. "The Obit Writer" is available now in hardback, paperback, and ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Xlibris.

- E.M. Forster

At a time when coming out of the closet is chic, it is certainly not that way for Brad Archer. After a traumatic sexual encounter in high school, Brad now in college is having trouble with romantic relationships. He has dates with girls that fail miserably and continues to have horrific nightmares about both his past and the fears for his future. Will the people he loves accept him or will his nightmares come true? Even his two best friends Chris and Laura can't seem to help him. Brad must learn again to trust himself and others so his journey in coming out can be realized. Sometimes tragic, often funny, it is all about Thine Own Self.​ Available to purchase at​.


“I was determined that in fiction anyway two men should fall in love and remain in it for the ever and ever that fiction allows.”

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